23 Jun, 2017

    Video Premiere – Ajaye Jardine ft. Aaron Grain (The Washboard Union): Boots On Girl

    23 Jun, 2017

      Video Premiere – Boots on Girl

      Get your boots on! I am extremely excited to share with you the video premiere of Boots On Girl featuring Aaron Grain of The Washboard Union. I had the pleasure of collaborating with Aaron on this song, along with Sheldon Zaharko of Zed Productions. Special thanks to Matt Brascia of Brash Productions for the video, Michael Meroniuk for lending his front porch, and Cherelle Jardine for behind the scene footage.

      The Video


      The Story Behind Boots on Girl

      During my trip to Nashville in 2015, I was recording my first EP (self titled) with Jane Bach and Duane Sciacqua. I sat down to write with Daryl Burgess and LeeAnn Burgess one night during my trip. During our write, we began to talk about family and my nana came up in conversation. She was such a huge supporter of my music and sadly lost her battle to Cancer in 2012. From our conversation, Boots on Girl was born. We wrote and demo-ed the song that night, but held off on recording it.

      This song has become so much more than a memory of my nana – it’s my way of living. In life, we’re bound to hit bumps in the road, but always remember to keep moving forward, because it’s the only way to reach our full potential. Growth, self-discovery and happiness all come from within us, and every experience leads us to the next exciting thing. So remember to get your boots on and get walking!

      Digital Release

      Boots on Girl featuring Aaron Grain will be available on digital outlets at the end of June. Be sure to keep your eyes out for it on Spotify/Apple Music/Itunes and other online outlets. Click here to follow me on Spotify to be one of the first to listen when it’s released!

      Behind The Scenes

      Here’s a few photos from behind the scenes and candid moments of the day.