21 Sep, 2016

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT and My Town – Huron County and Toronto

21 Sep, 2016

Ajaye Jardine – My Way Wednesday “My Town”

Big Announcement!

I have been selected as a final nominee for the 2016 BC Country Music Awards in the categories: Female Vocalist, Roots/Canadiana and Website (Jasper Anson of NovaCurrent Creative Solutions). I am incredibly humbled by this and I’m honoured to be among a list of incredibly talented BC artists. Good luck to my fellow nominees and I’m really looking forward to the Awards Show in October 2016!

Final Nominee for 2016 BC Country Music Award

Ajaye Jardine – Final Nominee for 2016 BC Country Music Award

My Town – Huron County and Toronto

Huron County

During my trip back east, I visited the town and area of the country my mom grew up in: Goderich, Ontario. It is located in Huron County and it has one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen. Specifically, I stayed on a property that my great aunt and great uncle own just outside of Goderich and it was breathtaking.

My uncle built the house that they live in, has been a builder his whole life, and also built different spaces on their property including a workshop, wood storage, a gazebo, a mill and some beautiful fencing and water features. This area had no cell reception, so it was a perfect time to minimize my phone use and enjoy the company of some amazing family. My aunt and I also spent one afternoon in Lucknow, and it is a wonderful town. The people were so friendly and I had the opportunity to catch a glimpse into life in Ontario. The scenery, people and lifestyle is so wonderful and I loved getting some insight into a different part of this beautiful country.

Goderich, Ontario

When we spent a day in Goderich, we drove by the salt mines, the pier, the square, and had a picnic dinner with a side of the family I met for the first time. I’ve been able to have a glimpse into their lives through Facebook, however it was a very cool moment to meet them in person, share a meal, sing some songs, and get to know who they are. Family is a very important aspect of my life, so I was definitely “feeling the feels” when we had to say goodbye.

Traveling to that part of the country was an experience, especially on my own. From a red eye flight with little to no sleep, finding my rental car with all of my luggage and gear, to driving in the hopes that Siri would be my guiding light was an experience. Thankfully, I had my all natural energy drink that literally saved me from falling asleep and driving off of the road….Seriously, I was beyond exhausted!

Overall, I learned a lot about my family history and I’ve grown to appreciate even more the people that came before me in my ancestry who played a role in the person I am today.


After CCMA week, I spent a night with a good friend and incredibly talented artist Amalia in Toronto, and she showed me around the beautiful city. We spent the majority of our time in Kensington Market and Chinatown. I have never been to Toronto so it was a wonderful experience from walking down Queens, to West Dundas. I got to see a new world in the eyes of my friend who glows from being in the city. She is a true inspiration to me and I’m so excited to follow her artistic journey in Toronto.

From late-night Dimsum to chicken and waffles, this city offers everything and anything…and DOLE WHIP! The last time I had legitimate dole whip (pineapple soft-serve ice cream) was on Oahu in Hawaii at the Dole Pineapple plant. I’m convinced the guy working behind the counter thought I was crazy when I became infatuated with getting a bowl of it. We also shopped in a beautiful vintage store called Courage My Love, and I bought a gorgeous black choker with a golden heart. We also visited the Trinity Bell area and enjoyed our time in the park.

Overall, my time in Ontario outside of the CCMA week (click here to read my post on my experience there) was so memorable and I look forward to visiting the city, the country and the province again!